The Contemporary Looks of an Apartment in Madrid

This apartment in Madrid has been designed to add a contemporary décor. Space is truly enhanced by the abundance of natural light and all the décor has been incorporated so as not to disturb that aspect.

It also has some Scandinavian tones. There are exposed brick walls, crisp white walls, and the typical wooden flooring.  The pops of color are minimal but interesting wherever they appear. The rest of the decor has been installed in muted tones, which is very much complemented by the abundance of natural light filtering in from different sides.

The living room décor is highlighted by the blue pop of color in the carpeting while the rest is covered in white tones. Texture has been added to the environment using the many comfy and patterned pillows on the sofa.

The kitchen is an open concept with a wooden polished kitchen island. The yellow pop of color in the form of stools around the island makes the otherwise muted toned feel compensated for.

The brick walls are a contrast to the crisp white walls. Combined with the open concept of the interiors and plenty of natural light, the entire house seems quite cozy and inviting.

This is also perfect for a green loving person. The addition of many planters around the living and kitchen area make it look not only refreshing but is quite environmentally friendly.

The décor is perfect for someone who is moderately minimalistic and enjoys the refreshing combination of space and light.



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Mi Casa

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