Roll in the Beautiful Hills of this Sustainable Sonoma Home

This beautiful home was designed with the focus on sustainability by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop. The location of this home is at Sonoma County in California. The residence is built within the rolling hills and the house is surrounded by mature oak trees. There are also rocky outcroppings seen around the house that gives it a quite ideal look. The residence is built with the idea of a green roof.

However, the original home was constructed in the 1970s but it was unable to capture the beauty of the surroundings. This is why it was rebuilt. There were two goals behind the rebuilt of this house. The first one was to take full advantage of the surroundings and the second one was to use the existing wood kit for the creation of a new house. It was also done so that the residents can enjoy the external view from their house.

The goal of the homeowners was to follow sustainable practices for the creation and designing of a home. Also, they wanted the minimal impact to the surroundings. With the brainstorming, the idea of creating a home with integrating screened-in living spaces was produced. A connection was created between the outdoor porch area and the living room. As a result, a long living room area was achieved that also provides an entrance to the guest rooms.  As a result, a sustainable home with a fabulous interior space was created. The surrounding scenes can be enjoyed from the glass walls of the house.

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