Inspiration of Green Living with a Beautiful Sonoma Home

Have you ever thought of living in a house where you can enjoy both indoor and outdoor residence? Well, this is true for this home designed by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop. The house is located in Sonoma, California. It is surrounded by mature oak trees and a natural pool. As wished by the home owners, the home shows a great combination of outdoor and indoor space to enjoy the summer. Apart from that, they also wanted to provide a separate pool access to the guests visiting the place. Access to the artificial pond is also provided to them.

The structure of house contains two living pavilions. It has a think roof that covers the outdoor living area and the entry way. This roof also comes over the other roof that covers the rest of the house. This includes bedrooms, support spaces, and kitchen. Moreover, the roof garden will help in the linking of dwelling to the surroundings.

The house also contains a pool house that will visually extend the living space of the house. Moreover, the house also contains a guest room, playroom, and changing room. A separate space is also created to hold the tank of hot water and other pool equipment. One of the best things about this house is its passive cooling system that includes a living roof, cool roof, operable windows, heavy insulation and large overhangs. Due to these features, the atmosphere of the house remains comfortable throughout the year.

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