Increase Creative Productivity with these Home Office Ideas

The comfort of working from your home has many advantages, the major being able to design and decorate your office the way you want to! The things we look for in a place of work is that it should be professional with a touch of comfort so we can be productive and work efficiently and effectively. The organization of work space, maintain focus and to get a job well done.

Here are just some fundamentals that are needed to create the picture perfect home office space, storage, chalkboard (for inspiration), natural and good lighting, calendar, a canister to hold your pens, a planner, visually motivating artwork, a laptop/computer, desk and a comfortable chair.

Chosen Work Space

The main key for having a productive home office is to have a designated spot to work. Any place other than the kitchen table, the sofa, or the bed. You need to prioritize space for a small table and a chair solely for work, even if you live in a small apartment. This will dramatically help separate your “home” from your “office,” In the long run this will be very beneficial when you finish work for the day.


Artwork can be responsible for breeding creativity or it can also end up distracting you, depending on how busy you make things. Pick pieces with only a few colors in them. They can be bright and bold or simple. This will help keep you focused instead of day dreaming!

Natural Light

Recent researches done by psychologists show natural or sun light improves productivity, mood and concentration. Try positioning your home office as close to a window as possible, preferably near a big window that allows more light.

The Chair

You can have the best job in the world, but if your chair is uncomfortable, you spend your day slightly annoyed, frustrated and tense. So invest in a good chair.

Add the Greenery

Plants are a natural air filter and even if they are too small to do much good in that department. If you don’t have enough light to sustain a plant, try just a few stems of fresh flowers to add freshness to your working space. Plants can create a happy and colorful environment.


  1. Calendar
  2. Floor Coverings
  3. To Do List or Planner
  4. Place for Inspiration
  5.  Ample Storage




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