A Load of Laundry Room Designs to Help with All the Loads You Can Handle

Nobody really likes doing laundry. If only we owned the Wayne Industries and had Alfred take care of our laundry. Till that time comes we have to do our own laundry. The good news is that now we can design and organize the simple laundry room into so much more. A well-crafted laundry room is equipped with storage, be comfortable to work in and should be facilitating us in doing other chores. Having a fold-out drying rack or closet rods for hanging the clean clothes is one of the necessities of laundry rooms. Since this space is used more often, it is recommended to invest in its decoration.

Using the following ideas you can decorate a new laundry room or an already existing laundry room. Look through these ideas and make your laundry room the new hot topic.


  1. After purchasing a washer and dryer, consider installing some built-ins for your cleaning supplies.
  2. A properly designed laundry room can serve multiple purposes with the addition of custom built-in cabinets, utility sink, washer and dryer. Since the laundry room does have the potential to function as a multi-purpose room.
  3. After all the practical work is done, you can move on to the fun part, decorating the space with paint, wall and window coverings, furnishings and decorative elements that will help stimulate those mundane chores.

A few other ideas

Additional Storage in Your Laundry Room

When you remodel your laundry area, the best thing to do is increase functionality to the space by adding smart built-ins such as shelves and cabinetry, which can be used for your laundry supplies, such as laundry baskets or bins, detergent, clothes bags, dryer balls, irons, ironing boards, bag of clothespins and even sewing kits and even an ironing board can also be housed in this area.

Not just a Laundry Room

If you live in a smaller house, then using your laundry area for multi-purpose activities such as laundry/mudroom, can be an excellent space saver. Since the laundry naturally has a sink, it is a perfect spot to wash off there when you enter, bathe your pets.

  •  It’s a great place to set up a shoe rack for everyday shoes, keep your sporting equipment and some hooks on the wall next to the door for your jackets.
  • Utilize the space to incorporate a built-in desk.
  • The vital to your design is to brainstorm what your family needs are and be sure to use this space wisely.


The main focus should be your walls when you are decorating. Brightly hued pair or decorative wall treatments or even decals and murals can make your chores a lot more enjoyable. You could also add a playful sign or even a meme to instill some personality. Your laundry space does not have to be boring!

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